Undertaker New Haircut 2012

The marvelous Undertaker decided to have a new look for 2012. After years having a long hair suddenly he cut his hair to short or bald(?).

Professional wrestling is a huge industry in United States. This sport has a lot of fans from kids to adult. The wrestlers have turn from athlete to celebrity and they have their own fans across states. The Undertaker is one of most popular wrestler. His real name is Mark William Calaway born in March 24, 1965. He also has the other nick names such as:

  • “The Phenom”
  • “The Deadman”
  • “The Lord of Darkness”
  • “The Last Outlaw”
  • “The American Bad Ass”
  • “The Red Devil”
  • “Big Evil”
  • “The Demon of Death Valley”

Recently, the Undertaker has changed his long hair to short cut. Some fans are disappoint with his decision while the other like it a lot. Here are Undertaker new short haircut pictures. I think his reputation as brutal and ruthless Undertaker has replaced with neat and handsome wrestler

Undertaker Short Haircut

Undertaker New Short Haircut

Now compare with this picture when scary Undertaker still has a long hair.

Undertaker Long Hair

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