Short Hair Cuts For Kids

Short Hair Cuts For Kids Ideas

Most of kids want to have long hair, somehow it makes them proud and confident among their friends. But as a parents, we like our kids to wear short haircuts because it’s easier for maintaining and more manageable. But as long we able to show to our kids how cool is short haircuts by showing examples of their favorite celeb, I’m sure they will agree to have sort haircuts.

There is an another problem to get short haircuts for kids. Mostly, it’s difficult for parents to ask them to go to hair salon. Therefore, it’s better to try doing a hair cut at home. It will make kids more comfort.

Here are some short hair cuts for kids choices:

Short haircut ideas for girls

- Bob cut

Bob haircut for girls with bangs

Bob haircut for girls

It’s the most popular haircut for girls. It suitable with all types of hair and face shape. Wear hair accessories like hair bands, ribbons, clips, and barrettes to get a different look.

- Shag cut
It can goes with all hair textures but curly hair. It gives more adult look.

- Pixie cut

pixie haircut for kids

pixie haircut for kids

Pixie is a very short haircuts. The advantage of pixie is it’s very easy to manage. All it requires is a gel to set it.

Short haircut ideas for boys

- Crew cut or Buzz cut

Buzz haircut for kids

Buzz haircut for kids

It’s a very short haircut with less than 1/4 inch hair length. Usually the hairdresser use clipper to get done this haircut. It gives a military look.

- Flattop
As it’s mentioned in its name, it gives a flat haircut on top of the head

- Bowl or mushroom cut
Well, i’m sure you can interpreted by yourself. It gives a rounded appearance just like a bowl

- Spike cut or Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk for kids

Faux Hawk for kids

It’s one of favorite short hair cuts for kids among boys. The haircut left shorter hair on the sides and longer on top. Use mousse or gel to set it up.

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