Permed Hair Styles

Permed Hair Tips

Most women want to be charming and more beautiful, no wonder there are so many treatment for them from hair to toes. One way to always look pretty, women often to change their hairstyles at least once a month. Permed hair is a hair treatment to create a permanent wave by using chemicals to restructure the inner structure of the hair. First, hair is washed and wrapped on a perm rod and waving lotion is added.

Since, perm hair treatment is involving chemicals and heat, there are things you should prepare before you decide to go with permed hair.

1. You should nourish your hair regularly by using conditioner and essence when you wash your hair. Thus, you get glossy and healthy hair.

2. Taking hair supplements or consuming food that contains vitamins for hair like seaweed, green vegetables and yellow fruits. The lack of vitamins can seriously threaten the health of hair.

Here are things you should know about hair perming treatment:

Usually, the perming process takes about 2 hours depends on your hair length. There are two types of permed hair, temporary and permanent. The temporary permed hair can lasts to six months. While a permanent perm can stay longer. Although permed hair is beautiful but too many perming hair can damage the hair like a dry scalp, dull coarse and hair splits.

Things to do after hair perming treatments:

- Do not wash hair for 24 hours after perming or the permed hair will broken.
- Use mild shampoos or herbal shampoos and good hair conditioner for daily usage without drying hair for a long lasting curl locked.
- Taking regularly hair trim will keep your perm long lasting.

Types of Hair Perming

When you come to hair salons for hair perming, usually they offer you with various perming procedures:

Acid perms
Produce flexible curls, suitable for fine, sensitive, fragile, damaged hair.

Alkaline perm
Produce strong, firm curl, suitable for normal and resistant hair.

Exothermic perm
Produce bouncy curls. This treatment involves heat from chemical reaction. So make sure your hair is in healthy shape to go with this.

Permed Hair Styles Pictures

Below are some pictures of permed hair in different styles.

Long Permed Hair Pictures

Beautiful Permed Hair

Beautiful Permed Hair

Long Permed Hair

Long Permed Hair

Permed Hair

Permed Hair

Short Permed Hair Pictures

Short Permed Hair

Short Permed Hair


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