Dirty Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is still most popular hair color among all. Blonde hair is a versatile hair color that perfectly appropriate with every hairstyles. There are many different blonde color like yellow-blond,
platinum blond, sandy blond, strawberry blond and dirty blonde hair. Each type has different unique color and texture. For example, dirty blonde hair means as dark blonde hair. The “dirty” word represent brown color that mixed with blonde, making the blonde darker.

Dirty blonde hair gives you a gorgeous, unique and seductive. It makes a woman appear more mysterious and sexy. It’s very unique since it is not a brunette and different with lighter blonde hair.

How to prepare dirty blonde hair? Simplicity is the key because you want to highlight your hair color which is naturally gorgeous. Loose hairstyles seems to be the best choice since it will accentuate the charm of your strands.

Below are some celebrities with dirty blonde hair in different styles.

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