Balayage Hair Technique

There are many ways to style your hair one of technique that becomes popular these days is Balayage hair technique. It’s a French language, it means “to sweep”. What is a Balayage? It’s the way to add color by using hand painting onto the hair. One should practices many times before mastering this method. Basically, the hair color is applied with a sweeping motion, graduating from lighter at the roots and heavier towards the ends. It’s faster to color your hair with Balayage technique compare with a full head of foil highlights.

We can see on TV that there are many Celebrities who have done Balayage for their hairstyles. I guessed that’s one reason why many women want to have it also. The result that you get is depth color to offer a natural look that it is today’s foremost trend in summer glamour. That’s right, it’s so perfect for summer.

Use this technique if this is your first time for highlights so you will get natural shadings. Balayage also recommend for you with brunette hair because conventional foils coloring method tend to come out looking brassy. It works best both for long and short hair because it will dramatically make your hair look natural

Balayage hair technique is a more advanced process than other traditional coloration methods. However the result is definitely worth. Make sure you choose the right color by consult with your colorist. The key to make it works is to create contrasts with darker areas to emphasize the highlights.

Here are some celebrities who already tried Balayage onto their hair. Take a look their color, maybe it also look great on you.

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