A Line Haircuts

A line haircuts are type of bob hairstyle which are very popular among women. It’s the way to get a soft feminine approach which is by flipping inwards to create a sophisticated look with a futuristic appeal. Some people named a line haircuts as inverted bob which is basically cut the hair to chin and layered through out interior. Victoria Beckham maybe is one of the most popular celebrity with a line haircuts.

A line haircuts are the perfect choice if you want to look trendy but not flamboyant and having manageable hair but not too plain. This type of haircut is works best for mature woman with the long thin face. However, woman with round face can also wear it with some adjustment. Usually, this hairstyle is using side path and a simple side swept bang. But, you can combine it with blunt bangs and extra highlights for edgy hairstyles.

You can also go with very short cut or medium length. Below are some pictures of a line haircuts with different variations.

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